“This is my second time here and I am extremely pleased with the service, courtesy and knowledge your entire staff showed in my 4 weeks here. I felt better each time I left here. I will highly recommend your facility and staff to anybody who is looking to recover quickly”

“Esta es la segunda vez que vengo a rehabilitacion aqui y estoy extremadamente contento con el servicio, cortesia y conocimiento de el personal. Durante estas 4 semanas que vine a terapia me senti mejor cada dia que pasaba.Definitivamente recomendaria esta clinica y estos terapeutas a cualquiera que busque una recuperacion rapida .”

-Tommy Emler.

“On May 15, 2017. I had a total knee replacement. I picked Jeremy to be my PT. When I first started I could not do bridges. I had to work on my gluteal and thigh muscles… Then one day I did the bridges. One of my biggest goals was to be able to get into my husband’s van. The running board was 11 inches, we had to start from scratch. I also had to be able to get my husband’s wheelchair out of the van and be able to push him.

I did make my goal!! Today on the 4th of October I was able to step up 12 inches for 2 minutes. It was quite an accomplishment. Jeremy helped me to achieve this. He is he best!! As well as all the other therapists.”

-Jan McMullen

“The staff at Healthmasters has been very knowledgeable, caring, and indispensable in my recovery following a lateral release in my right knee. I came into therapy using a walker and unable to perform daily activities and I leave with confidence in my availability to perform daily activities, resume work and regain a physical regimen. I want to thank every staff member at Healthmasters that assisted me in my recovery and guided me in an individualized plan of care that has adequately met my needs! My recovery would have no been the same without the care and treatment provided by the HealthMasters staff! Thank you!!”

-Gabriella V.

“When I first came here, my knee was swollen, I could not bend my knee, fully extend my knee and I could not even walk straight. In about a month, I can kick now, run, bend my knee and it is almost 100%. I am training now which is a very big accomplishment.I went from not being able to walk to training almost to my full capacity and kicking hard. The pain has gone away and the doctor says my knee is fully recovered.”

-Bernardo Norzagaray-Garcia
(Takewondo full contact fighter)

“Very friendly staff and very knowledgeable. Appointments were convenient and flexible. Initially, I was not going to follow through with my doctors recommendation for physical therapy following arthroscopic knee surgery. However, I went through the therapy recommended by HealthMASTERS and now I see the difference in going through their strengthening therapy. I’m very happy with my results.


Sylvia M.

“Luis and his staff are great. I was having problems with my right forearm, elbow, and wrist.At the end of therapy, I no longer feel pain and my strength has returned. It was a good experience with even better results.


Charisma L.

“Great Service!! 100% No Pain!”

L. Carrasco

“My results are very good, and the help was also great. I can sit to stand which was something I was not able to do before. I can also walk for a long period of time and I am able to do a lot of the things that I could not do before! Thanks to all for your help.”

Ms. Muniz

“Before I was not able to run for a long period of time and with the Eric’s help and all of the HealthMASTERS team now I can run for miles.”

J. Becerra

“My experience with PT at healthmasters has been a positive learning journey. The staff is very dedicated and enthusiastic. Jennifer has taken the time to explain my exercises and she has answered all my questions and concerns. I am grateful for the care and compassion received by all the staff. Thank You.”

Lourdes Medina

“I’ve got increased range of motion on my left shoulder, much less pain in certain movements. Instructions on how to continue treatment at home. I can now move my arm in motions that were extremely painful before. Overall rating 5 out of 5.”

John C. Davies

“Before coming to healthMASTERS I was hopeless for my lower back condition, since the doctors I visited in Mexico and here in the US told with confidence that the only alternative to take was surgery. Due to my last two vertebrae being misaligned, the pain in my lower back was intense and radiated along the waist. The pain also radiated to my left foot sole, Achilles tendon, and ankle. For these same reasons, I was given shots of cortisone to alleviate the pain and the doctor suggested to temporarily immobilize my foot with a boot. Taking this matter into my own hands I decided to seek for another alternative for my condition. I walked into healthMASTERS and after a few sessions of physical therapy, I could not believe how the pain and limitations minimized and soon vanished. Now I can keep on travelling, walking, and hiking with no problem!
I give healthMASTERS 5 stars and completely recommend it before dealing with surgery.”

Gonzalez, Diego

Spanish Version

“Antes de acudir a healthMASTERS mis esperanzas de que mi espalda baja regresara a la normalidad eran pocas, ya que los medicos que me valoraron, en Mexico y en E.U.A, implicaban con una seguridad que necesitaria cirugía. Esto se debia a que mis dos ultimas vertebras estaban desviadas y esto ocasionaba un intenso dolor de espalda alrededor de la cintura. El dolor tambien se presentaba en el talon de aquiles, en el tobillo y en la planta del pie izquierdo. Por lo que me injectarón cortizona para quitar el dolor. Despues pensaron en inmobilizar temporalmente el pie con una bota. En la busquedad de algún otra alternativa para mi dolor acudi a healthMASTERS y despues de un par de sesiones con ellos, no podia creer como el dolor y mis impedimentos reducieron and pronto desaparecierón. Ahora puedo nuevamente viajar, caminar, and escalar sin problema alguno! Le doy 5 estrellas a healthMASTERS and los recominedo antes de recurrir a cirugia.”

Gonzalez, Diego

“Amazing results. From being stuck and hunched over, to great movement! I was convinced I was going to require back surgery, and I am now fine! HealthMASTERS are the BEST at what they do 110%!”

Victor Sloan

Spanish Version

“¡Resultados increibles! Despues de estar encorvado y limitado en mis movimientos, ¡tengo mobilidad absoluta! Estaba seguro que tenia que ser sometido a cirguria de espalda, ¡y ahora me siento muy bien! El equipo de healthMASTERS es el mejor en su campo al 110%!”

Victor Sloan

“I’ve suffered from chronic lower back pain for many years and I was told that exercising was counterproductive. Louie convinced me to try a regimen of manipulation and exercise. I am now able to enjoy all daily activities.”

Braden, Frank

“My name is Francisco Jorge. I work for MVT Services as the Plan Administrator for the non-subscriber program for injury claims. We have used Health Masters for therapy for many years. My job is to get the best possible care for our injured workers. Health Masters has provided the best physical therapy care to our injured workers and speedy recoveries. The injured workers are very happy with the professionalism and treatment from the physical therapist at Health Masters. I highly recommend Health Masters.”

Francisco Jorge
Plan Administrator, MVT Services

“In just a few weeks, Louie was able to help me recover from a dislocated shoulder so that I could complete a cycling trip across the United States. Additionally, the strength training he provided proved to be invaluable during the trip.”

J.D. Scott

“My name is Gabriel Aguilar and I am a professional baseball player. I have been playing competitive baseball for 20 years. Injuries are an unfortunate experience that many athletes go through while playing competitive sports. I have had many major injuries and my latest was a sprained elbow joint in October 2013. I went to see my doctor and luckily he recommended rehab at Health Masters Physical Therapy Center.

My experience at this center has not only been enjoyable and very effective. HealthMASTERS re-affirmed my physical and mental strengths and abilities. The personnel at Health Masters are not only very knowledgeable, but are also very motivating, inspirational, and sincere. They push you through pain tolerances in order to achieve progress, yet not risking any further injury. People like Louis Zuniga, the other certified physical therapists Jennifer and Jarrod, as well as the PT assistants have helped me regain my strength and renewed my confidence going into my 2nd year in professional baseball.

The equipment that is available at the rehab center is state of art but also on the cutting edge of sports medicine. In addition the workouts and therapeutic exercises are trend-setting for many athletes or people of different ability levels. Louis Zuniga is well versed in all aspects of the body and is able to break a patient’s body movements down to discover the specific cause of any injury to build a foundation and move forward from there. He has put me through some of the best core, shoulder, and full body workouts to date.

I am very fortunate to have done my rehab at the Health Masters Physical Therapy Center. I would not be where I am today if it weren’t for Louis Zuniga and all the employees there at Health Masters. I would recommend Health Masters to anyone needing any help through physical therapy.”

Gabriel Aguilar

“The partnership between HealthMASTERS and the Work Steps Program is the key to effective safety and risk management. As the Vice President of Safety and Risk Management for a large general contractor in Texas we partnered with Louis Zuniga and his Work Steps team to provide post offer employment screening, drug testing and post injury management. Our partnership resulted in a dramatic reduction in both the frequency and severity of incidents and workers compensation claims. Through the creation of essential function job descriptions our company was able to place the right people in the right job. Recognizing that construction is extremely labor intensive and dangerous it is important to ensure that our employees were in the right job position. Furthermore in the event of an injury we wanted to do everything we could to safely and effectively manage the return to work process. Thanks to Louie Zuniga we were able to create meaningful and safe transitional duty opportunities for our employees and successfully bring them back to work while they transitioned to regular duty.

Our employees reported on a regular basis about the quality of care received by Louie and his team for physical therapy and work conditioning.

Our partnership was a key component of our overall safety and health plan and played an integral role in creating an award winning, nationally recognized safety process for the construction industry.”

Tricia Kagerer CSP, ARM, CRIS
American Contractors Insurance Group