Louis Reflects on His Work in the Burn Center

Aside from the optimism and anticipation that comes with each new year, the beginning of 2018 has me thinking a lot about the roots of my physical therapy career. Though I love what I do — today, more than ever — and am confident that I picked the right path in life, I wasn't always so sure. My first job right out of college tested me in ways I never could have anticipated. But it also ... CONTINUE READING


Why Knee Pain Is So Common

The human leg is a delicate and incredible instrument, developed and slowly perfected over millions of years of evolution. But complication comes with a price: a heightened risk of injury. Our knees, especially, can succumb to any number of issues. Chief among them is patellofemoral pain syndrome ... CONTINUE READING


Books to Inspire You in the New Year

Can you believe 2017 is behind us? Elections, weather, and just about everything on the news left us feeling uncertain. We could all use a dose of optimism in the new year. Here are some books that celebrate the triumph of the human spirit  ... CONTINUE READING

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